Jesus is better than harry potter

Harry Potter is an endearing character. He is not pushy or arrogant, he’s a really nice guy. And he has powers that he uses for good, against the enemy. It’s a slightly uncomfortable world he lives in, but in the movie the music, his friends, the interesting characters make it feel like a world you could live in. Only trouble is, none of it’s real.

The real world can seem more empty, more brutal and cold than the warm frames, the familiar vibes of the Harry Potter movie. It’s a world contained in the movie, familiar and predictable. Unlike the real world.

But, there is a greater Harry Potter, who is really Real and who makes this cold world a safe, familiar and more predictable place. And He really does have all the super powers, that really do exist. But how to tap into this Real World? There is an entry point, a place we can go when we want to enter the Real World – the World of which this one, in which we exist, is a dim shadow. It’s through the Word that we come into this place. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” The Word came in the flesh – like Superman, like Harry Potter, but not as a fictional character – He came as Jesus.

Jesus is better than Harry Potter because He is really alive now; though He died on the cross, He rose from the dead and is right now on the throne, not far away, sitting on the right hand of His Father, our Father – God.

He’s better than Harry Potter because He has the Real Power to take away all the black stuff that’s on our lives, through our own fault and through the fault of others acting on our lives. He washes us white as snow; He heals us from the inside, out. He purifies and cleanses us, washes us clean, every moment, every day.

He is more powerful and all His enemies, who are all your enemies. We already know the end of the story of mankind – He has overcome by His blood that He spilled for us. Once and for all.

There is one condition: no incantations, no hard to learn spells, you don’t need a wand, you don’t need to go to school and learn about it for years and years, you only need to believe. That’s all – Believe. When you believe, you will speak what you believe with your mouth and you will be saved by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus.

Then this world will become to you, a homely, a lovely place; knowing who you are, where you are, where God is, where your Super Hero Is (right next to you, right in your heart, right in your soul). Every flower will be a comfort, a jewel, every cloud a perfect uplifting picture, every tree a friend you can lean on. He has it all, He made it all, He holds it all in the Palm of His Hand. When you are there, no-one and nothing can pluck you from that place – right in the centre of The Palm of His Hand.


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